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History of Vietnam’s Thang long school (P II)

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Early understanding the responsibility of a person of which a nation was controlled by foreign aggressors, Late master Van Nhan had joined the revolution since very early. On the August 1945, he become a soldier. After that, he was a captain of the the spy company which was a part of the E41 regiment. During the long years of resistance against the French invader, he had attended to train martial art for soldiers in the Northernmost Vietnam base as well as for special forces of the Ministry of Defense in the years after the war.

During the tens of years in training martial art for special forces and attending as a security guard for some high ranking leaders of Our party and government, he had received many noble medals from our party and government.

After our nation was reunified, because of needs and movements for purpose of the national martial art development, he had summarized his experience to find out a Martial excercising measure which is suitable for characteristics and small body of Vietnamese people. A measure is based on the quintessence of family’s martial art and his long-year experience in fighting and training martial art. The measure is known as Thang Long Vo Dao ( or the Thang Long Martial school).

The original method of Thang Long Martial school is flexible, amiable, kind-hearted and understandable, it is still true until now. During our national history, it is very difficult for Vietnamese people, who are both small and heavily sentimental, to confront to strong people from the Northen country by physically. The solution was found by late master Van Nhan that is excercising much movement to avoid effectively from direct attacks of enermies and catching a chance to finish competitions by attacking on weak points of enermy

It was said by the late master Van Nhan “ The best of Thang Long martial is to use a peace against a movement, a few against much, curved against straight..All martial skills have been well-trained from using sword, stick to using hands without weapons”

The principle of Thang long martial school is combining a fast movement to avoid and precise attacks. It requizes trainees to train their movement until having highest speed. Besides, in Thang long martial school, trainees study dangerous spots in human body (according to acupuncture) as well as remenies from plants and animals to help trainee’ body stronger.

The lessons of Thang Long martial school are systematied on scientific basis, including knowleadge of medicine, using snake shaped movement, excercising eyes as the light, increasing strength of body..

Besides, trainees study how to use 18 weapons and other distinctive ones. Besides lessons using for fighting, In Thang Long martial school, there are lessons for treating diseases, and Qigong and Zen lessons.

Thang long martial school is a traditional martial school established by Late master Nguyen Van Nhan and honours national hero military Grand Commander Tran Hung Dao as the first predecessor and considers the August 20 (lunar calendar) as an ancestor’s death anniversary.

With systematiclly-organized lessons, clearly target, Thang long martial school has been rapidly developed through all parts of our country as well as foreign countries.

Today, QiGong master – doctor Nguyen Van Thang (Vu Manh Thang), the son of late master Nguyen Van Nhan, is the highest ranking leader of Thang Long martial school. Master Nguyen Van Thang has inherited a great martial knowleadge from late master Van Nhan. Besides, he studied many masters from different martial school including such Famous masters as the Shaolin master Tran Tien, late master Nguyen Van Tho..

Under leadership of Master Van Thang and other such as Vu Hai, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chu Duc Van, Minh Phuong, Quang Phat, Ngoc Duong, Pham Duc.. Thang long martial school has constantly developed and contributed to the development of the Vietnamese traditional martial art.

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